DBA Consulting Services

Database Consulting Services are like work assignment and its duration depends on type of work assignment and its dependency on other Infrastructure layers like Network, OS, Storage, Application, Interfaces, Tape Library etc. We also call it as one-time DBA consulting projects.

We work across Oracle and Oracle RAC technologies. We have strong expertise in UNIX, Linux, and Windows Operating systems. We have good knowledge of applications like SAP, Informatica and Abinitio which use oracle and oracle RAC databases.

Infrastructure - Install, Upgrade and Migration:

  • Installation, Patching and configuration of Database server software and related products and Building New Database environment - End to End
  • Database builds
  • Database Upgrades and Migration including Cross platform migration support
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Capacity Planning and Plan growth,
  • Platform, Server and Data Center Migration/ Movement support
  • Server/Database Consolidation support services

Performance and Health Check:  Passion for performance 

  • Performance Tuning and Health Check Report, recommendations & remediation
  • SQL and PL/SQL Tuning
  • Database index tuning
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Reorganization
  • Performance Innovations
  • Database Troubleshooting and Relieving database bottlenecks
  • Identifying all database vulnerabilities and deficiencies
  • Database Monitoring tools
  • Work for continuous improvement
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Business Continuity:

    • Backup, Restore and Recovery Strategy, Build and Implementation, RMAN setup, RMAN Tuning etc.
    • DR Planner, Disaster Recovery solution planning, testing & implementation, Data Guard, Data protection strategies using Flashback recovery, Managing disaster Recovery sites, Disaster Prevention measures, Disaster Mitigation measures, Drill management.
    • Oracle High Availability Solutions, Oracle RAC Build, Upgrade, Tuning, TAF, ASM, Troubleshooting, Node add-delete, OCR and VOTEDISK administration, RMAN Backup-Restore, DB Rename, DB Refresh, AWR, Interconnect etc
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  • Oracle Replications setup and administration, Streams (1-way, 2-way, n-way)
  • Database Cloning
  • Database Refresh
  • Database Archiving and purging services
  • Data relocation & refreshes
  • Data & object migrations, Cross-Platform data transfer
  • Backup DBA

SAP Database Management:

  • SAP Database Tuning and Health Check, Index Tuning, Defragmentation
  • I/O Subsystem management in SAP database environment
  • Installation, Version/Release Upgrade, Major Upgrade, GIPSU & SBP Patching
  • Backup & Recovery strategy implementation, RMAN Backups, Restoring SAP databases onto new SAP server, DBREFRESH
  • DR Solution and Support
  • Oracle Clusterware /Grid Infrastructure & RAC Deployment in SAP Environment and ASM administration
  • BRTOOLS Configuration in RAC Environment
  • Troubleshoot SAP ECC and BI performance issues

Database Administration and Support:

    • Database project services
    • Change management
    • DATAFIX Requirements
    • Setup and maintain documentation and standards
    • End–to-End Database Setup/support
    • Server / database Consolidation support
    • Knowledge Transition support
    • DW Administration
    • End user support
  • Oracle SQL and PL-SQL Development – We can perform virtually every Oracle programming & development task remotely. We have expertise in PL/SQL Programming.
  • Oracle development projects DBA Support
  • Monitoring Batch jobs
  • Deployment of Oracle 10g and 11g new features like 11g Compression
  • Establish DBA Dashboard management processes/system – Build and Implementation with metric, threshold values, Alert mechanism, Severity levels, Alert frequency, Email notifications, Reports, Graphs/Charts, Growth Pattern analysis etc.

Database Assessment Services:

  • Evaluate Database features and Database related products
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Monitoring
  • We will assess your database environment, Identify the current and target states, analyze the challenges, risks and opportunities and provide you with a set of recommendations to improve stability, Continuity, Security, performance, reliability, availability and recoverability of the databases. It includes Architecture Assessment, database design Assessment, Performance Assessment, Backup & Recovery Assessments, Business impact Assessments, Migration or upgrade assessment, Database Server hardware resources/OS/Storage/Network configuration Assessment and an assessment of your business requirements (types of data and transaction volumes).

DBA Training and Mentoring:

  • Corporate Training Workshops
  • Resource mentoring
  • Mentoring DBA Team for the project

Remote DBA Support Services

It is a packaged service. Remote DBA Oracle support services are an attractive outsourcing option for many reasons like it is a virtual extension of your database team. We also call it as proactive Support. We will discuss the coverage of Remote DBA Support and how it will be carried out and what benefits you are going to get from Remote DBA support services.

We will need you to provide us:

  • VPN Access To Database Server
  • Outbound E-Mail capability from the Database Server if support demands
  • Access to Database owner account on UNIX/Windows
  • A communication protocol - Access to direct communication with administrators at OS, Storage, Network, Application and database Layers.

Proactive Support:

Proactive support Duration can be weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual. It can be on selective area(s) or as a whole database landscape support in all perspective. It can be as Part-Time DBA Support.

It starts with knowledge Transition, Assessment and follow up with enhancement plan (Fine Tuning), reorganization activities, routine maintenance tasks and Process Improvements.

We will customize a program to fit your needs. We have unique service offerings to accommodate any business situation. Whether your company is small or large, we will customize a program that is just right for your business with the help of our DBA support practices & Planned maintenance practices.

We monitor database metrics with alert mechanisms & detect impending problems before they cripple your database. It Monitor, Discover, Classify, Assess, Prioritize and Fix it. We also analyze change in data/performance trend pattern and proactively capture potentially dangerous disturbing trends and take appropriate and corrective measures.

It includes routine maintenance activities along with Demand Based Activities.

The following are the special features of Proactive Support:

  • Fast response to production outages
  • Fast database troubleshooting
  • Complete emergency support for production database outages [Planned or Unplanned]
  • Installation and periodic upgrades to the Oracle database software as required by Oracle
  • Initial configuration review and problem discovery, Recommendations & full remediation of any problems discovered.
  • Problem Detection & Resolution
  • Periodic performance analysis & Database optimization [Breakthrough Performance]
  • Supporting Demand based activities
  • Provides a holistic overview of the system at all times
  • To optimize the performance, stability, availability and security of your databases via sound and proven DBA practices.
  • Executive Dashboards on several database metrics.

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